Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Blitz-y Blitz

I'll just set these here.
Currently working on getting my projects squared away. Meanwhile, this is some of the stuff that's playing while it gets done.
Nerve Salad is gearing back up.
Thanks for sticking around!

Wino - Forever Gone

Power Plant - Cargo

Kryptograf - Kryptograf

DeadBlondeStars - DeadBlondeStars

Wild Road Rollers - Imperial Stout Motor Oil

Black Rainbows - Cosmic Ritual Supertrip

Holy Death - Celestial Throne ov Grief

Shogun - Addendum

Pilori - À Nos Morts 

Hammada - Atmos

phOG - Whole Horse Both Barrels

Abakas - Marauders

Monday, June 15, 2020

Update 6-15-20

Hey all! I wanted to poke my head in once again and give everybody an update on what's going on.

I'm sure you've seen the lack of posting anything. It's not for lack of material, or lack of music coming in. It's not because I don't like anything, either.

I've been super busy with a few projects. Things I have kept lying in wait for so long, I thought I would die never having done them.

I started building a greenhouse. This is big deal. I've spent a lot of time collecting materials, glass, lumber, etc. During Covid lockdowns, etc. this was not an easy task at all. It took up all of my time thinking about how and where to get stuff. I've now collected enough of the things I'll need to get this underway.

Why a greenhouse?

I'm into plants, and having a greenhouse has been a dream of mine for most of my life. The cost of some of these fancy pre-builds was too much for my wallet to think about. If I build my own, I can have it the way I want it, and hopefully save some dineros. Now I can grow some of these crazy things that I normally keep cooped up indoors all year long. I've got a house FULL of carnivores, super rare anthuriums, philodendrons, weird orchids, cactus species of all kinds.. and they all require the utmost in care and upkeep. That's the simple answer.

So, meanwhile, all I've been doing is making sure I don't fuck this up.

I'm no professional builder, but I've gotten adequate experience over the years. Adequate was just not enough. So I've been learning as much as I can so this whole thing does not come crashing down in the end.
The building starts in the next couple of months, and I can't wait to see what kind of drama I can create on the property with such a killer addition.

I'm still around! Expect to see some new posts in the coming weeks! Man, it's been a weird few months, and I certainly don't want anybody to think we've fallen off the map. On the contrary.... just living the dream, literally.

Monday, May 4, 2020

Nerve Salad is on a little vacation. As things have slowed down due to virus and other uncontrollable stuff, I've just put the brakes on reviews and other things for a short time. I'm sure you've heard the crickets chirping. I just want to let everyone know that Nerve Salad will be back.

Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bandcamp Blitz February 25th, 2020

Overwhelmed... music keeps coming at me. I've really been in the quagmire as of late. Up to my knees in riffs. This Blitz is a way to get this all out there so I can get moving on the next one. Apparently, I need to get myself in gear better than other times I was trying to get myself in gear. 

The year is still new.

God help us all...


The Swell Fellas - The Big Grand Entrance
(Let me just start by saying I had NO IDEA what I was in for when I hit play. This, quite effortlessly, blew my feeble mind into a slushy, greasy mess. Now I love this band. Yeah, man... play it again. Alt-rock/stoner/prog. Solid guitar work, obliterating bass tone, sharp melodies, often relaxing, often biting, watery, wintery creations.... Songcrafters, crafting songs. I'm sold, dudes.)

The Leif De Leeuw Band - Where We're Heading
(Considering the amount of praise I gave this band back in 2017 with their previous LP came out, it would be safe to say this album would be no different. Quite possibly the best stuff I've heard since.. well.. their LAST album. Some of the best Southern Rock you've ever heard, with world class musicians making these complex tunes look and sound effortless.)

Loud Silence - Elements
(Strap yourself in for this one. Loud Silence demands silence to play this album as loud as we can. Here come these young dudes from Greece, with fuzzy, riffy, hooky monsters in tow. A very impressive effort. Toss in some stoner elements, some post rock-ish touches, a few heavy psych flourishes, a portion or two of grunge, and a heavy dollop of alt-rock. That's some real stick-to-your-ribs ingredients, and they mix it pretty well. Bravo, gents.)

The Revenants - The Gift 
(One of my favorite unknown artists releases yet another awesome collection of tunes. Alt-rock, countrified, folk-sy, new wave-y, pop tunes. A total gem in the rough, Revenants/Eliot Wilder continue to wow me by being a constant force, always putting out new music, often several albums a year. A fine example of a truly gifted person.)

Praÿ - Praÿ
(Fine instrumental dark stoner doom from France. Each of the 4 tracks almost hits the 12-minute mark, so you know this is going to be a drooler. Kinda proggy, a little gloomy. Neat!)

Sugartape - Chandeleidescope
(Really nice work happening here. Some '70s-smacked/classic rock meanderings. These lads are simply killing it. Their first EP had tons of promise, and this full-length delivers on that promise ten-fold. )


The Hanging Stars - A New Kind Of Sky
(As with any of their releases, I can only describe them as perfect. London's Hanging Stars touch on every part of music that makes me go "oooh!". Only a few handful of bands actually have this much panache and style. Lush alt-country/cosmic Americana done so well, you may be hard-pressed, like me, to find many other bands to compare. Fan-freaking-tastic.)

Daniel Mandrychenko - Anti
(High-standard Jazz from a whacky guitar player. If you even "kind of like jazz", this is worth a listen. Lots going on with this one. Some stellar sax playing, and even better interplay between lead instruments. A neat little jaunt into realms beyond Sunday jazz, more akin to uneasy listening made easy. Some moments of true musical wit shine through like beacons.)

Saturday, February 1, 2020

Friday, January 24, 2020

Bandcamp Blitz - January 24th, 2020

THE BLITZ-O-MATIC 2.0 has arrived

Some new stuff, some not-so-new stuff. A slight theme with some of these older releases. I was going for a certain sound, and each one of these has that going for it. I needed some FNM-inspired, whacked-out bananaslammarama, of which Bandcamp was happy to supply. On with the madness!

Big Scenic Nowhere - Vision Beyond Horizon
(So far, one of the best albums I have heard all year. I know the year is just beginning, but this one whipped me into a frothy fury.Highly recommended melodic stoner/alt-rock. If melodic, psych-y alt-stoner is in your neighborhood, this is right up your alley. Each track is a little adventure closer to that eye you see on the album cover. Awesome vocal melodies, crafty tunes. Stick this in your ear and leave it there.)

The Huntsmen - Mandala Of Fear
(Maddeningly good prog metal with a dastardly Yes-like overtone.)


Black Burned Blimp - Crash Overdrive
(Annoyed that I missed this release when it came out. Had I heard this at the time, I would have been all crazy and wordy about it, and still am. This is something worth checking out in any year. Whacked-out, spacey, punky, wild and weird. Like a Faith No More/Kyuss sandwich with '90s underground alt-rock as a condiment. )

School Disco - School Disco
(3-piece noise rock madness from UK. Some Psycho Bungle-esque swaddlings. A few punchy new wave smatterings. Psychy noisy brainwave-interrupting punk stoner noise. Gimme!)

Flux Amuck - The Alternate
(The most Patton-y of the FNM-inspired bands on the list. Nebraska's Flux Amuck come in with a Vernon Reid-styled solo, a Patton-tinged vocal, and a hollowed-out snare slap, creating a proggy environment. I mean, if there was ever a way to hear how Faith No More would sound if they got Buckethead as a guitar player, this is it. I love this. Not sure why this does not have more love. Well, poke your head in. This is worth your time. If you even claim to love FNM or Bungle a little bit, you might owe it to yourself to check this out. It's very busy, and really opens up the floodgates on all tracks...)

Rafael Denardi - Two Handfuls Of Rock
(Like Tight Phantomz meets Truth And Janey with a noggin-smacking retro vibe. A wild, raucous ride. Smoking hot riffs!! Easily one of the best albums I've heard this year! A contender for the end of the year list, as well. A stunner.)

Ritual - Operation Copacabana And The Punch Drunk Blues
(Dark, down-tuned, experimental rock with a bit of Patton mixed in for good measure. Ritual stands on their own with a fuzzy, groovy feel. Some electronics, some riffs, some more groovy feels. 3 tracks, all a bit different than the last, but never straying from the groovy feels.)

Magnolia Red - Ancient River
(A band that grew into their shoes really fast! Norway's Magnolia Red have released a real treasure. Americana, alt-country/rock done so well, it sounds like it ain't their first rodeo. Been a big fan of these guys for a while, their first EP being a real keeper. Of special note is Mountains Of The North. What a beautiful tune! Every other track is quite awesome. These guys have been growing into quite an Americana powerhouse as the years go by. Quite excited for them to have released such a killer album with so many good tunes! May this one accompany me through the year....)

Øyvind Holm - After The Bees
(Sugarfoot's (among other bands) Øyvind Holm creates a solo album out of air and dust and clay and fire and water. Øyvind crafts some seriously good psych pop with all of the brilliance one would expect from him. Deftly-hewn tunes, genius modulations, complete with an all-star cast which includes the likes of Alexander Pettersen and Ida Jenshus. Not to be missed! This WILL be in the Best Of The Year List. My bias is strong, but the music speaks for itself. )

- Andy B.

Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Best Of 2019

This was hard. I broke it down to the simplest of terms:
Did it get played in the car? Did I grab the vinyl? Did it accompany me during any road trips? Did it stand out in a year that was NONSTOP good music? Many of my favorite artists released an album this year. Those were inevitably going to wind up in the list. Many albums showed up at the last minute. Much of these are new to me. A few of these are old friends.
This list is not, nor will ever be in any particular order of importance. It's just a list.
Let's not kid ourselves, though. You KNOW this was hard.

Here we go:

1. Sugarfoot - In The Clearing
 (THE most anticipated album of the year for me. Brilliant... just brilliant. I scream the name of Sugarfoot on the tops of mountains and bluffs, in hopes that all of the world will come to know them. Make no mistake, there is no band in the universe that comes close to this. I'm as die-hard as they come...

2. Saint Karloff - Interstellar Voodoo
(I most likely do not have to explain this album to anyone. It's fucking brilliant. A 40-minute track of stoner rock awesomeness. )

3. Micheala Anne - Desert Dove
(Hauntingly beautiful. Fine country from a well-established & seasoned artist, complete with a world class backing band, making original country that sticks around. This whole album has a really "Autumn/Winter" feel, similar to the "Nicks approach", with moments of sonic warmth and depth, unusual for the genre. You'll be lost in the reverb, but find your way home via the hooks. Really classy.)

4. Pernice Brothers - Spread The Feeling
(This album is an unbelievably adept celebration of power pop, 60s & 70s psych, jangly 80s pop, and Paisley Underground smatterings. Also my 1000th album in my collection on Bandcamp... this is a monumental occasion, and a little brag-worthy for all the above reasons. Splendid!)


5. Cloudkicker - Unending
(Man oh man... we've waited a long time for this one. Incidentally, Cloudkicker was the reason I joined Bandcamp in the first place, so I could buy the LPs and have them show up in my collection. All new post rock from the mind of Ben Sharp.. brilliant!)

6. Arctic Sleep - Kindred Spirits
(Melancholy and beautiful at the same time. Really epic, melodic doom with great hooks and a cold, oceanic vibe. Arctic Sleep delivers another genius album. I feel extra special about this because my name shows up first in the thanks list.. even though it was alphabetical, it's still cool as hell!)

7. Ian Blurton's Future Now - Signals Through The Flames
(Muscular heavy metal. Sharp hooks, gorgeous guitar solos, pummeling riffs. A little hairspray mixed with your Orange amps. Wound up really high on my list in 2019. A total gem in the rough.)

8. The Delines - The Imperial
(Such a fine collection of classy tunes. One of those last-minute discoveries for me. Cool band, great lyrics, smooth sound. Always has that "rainy-day-at-home-alone" feel to the tunes, giving the whole album a blissfully gloomy vibe that's hard to escape. An album full of "feels". I'm finding myself liking this band more and more as time goes by. Boone's lyrics are fantastic portraits of hard livin', poor choices, and empty dreams. I like to call this "24-Hour Laundromat Americana Blues. Becoming one of my favorite and most cherished bands.)

9. We Lost The Sea - Triumph & Disaster
(I'm doubting I will find many other albums I was looking more forward to than this one. Their previous album Departure Songs floored me in more ways than I can describe. That album is in among my favorite albums ever, and will go to the grave with me as such. It accompanied me while I was mowing prairies, cutting down huge trees, clearing paths, planning events, and general upkeep working in a National park. It was there when I married my wife, it was around when I was at my best, and my worst. It has survived the storms, worn bare and rejuvenated by the slightest shifting of the winds. Now this new stuff, Triumph & Disaster has been a good pal thus far, and I can only assume it will grow on me more in the coming year.)

10. Planet Of The 8s - Tourist Season
(Good gosh... the "Holy Ballsnuts!" meter hasn't gone off like this in a while. Awesome, truly. Melodic stoner rock with all the right moves and grooves. This album will, without a doubt, be sticking with me for quite some time. Just what I needed. These riffy jams are weep-worthy, in my book. Man tears, friends.. every next track is a total banger.)

11. Makeunder - Pale Cicada

(Easily some of the best experimental R&B this side of Saturn. Everything about this shines.)

12. Serial Hawk - Static Apnea
(I dig Serial Hawk. They always have this sound that makes the Earth tremble. Sometimes you need that. Another reviewer said it made them have to take a dump, and I could not agree with this assessment more. Psychedelified doom... This album is equally brutal and gentle. It's kind of a weird mix, right? It will pummel you with NO apologies, yet bandage you up with silken wraps and honey-scented tinctures...)

13. Reader - Engrams
(Mathy, nasty, noisy, melodic, twisted-up, tied-up, bound-up, spastic bombastic flakes of watery, crunchy sounds. I must say, this is likely one of the most compelling albums I've heard in a while. Lots of twists and turns, gravitational pulls, stark robotic landscapes filled with tributaries of shimmering metallic lines and jagged edges, but a bunch of birds and butterflies and bees all hang out in a paisley pasture, doting on purple blooms... Noisy melodic math rock..)

14. Hippo Campus - Demos I & II
(When your demos are light years better than your actual release, there might be something slightly "off" in the universe. Regardless of how much I dig these young cats, I have to say that with all of the great stuff they grow into, they really shine in a release like this. Raw cuts, different takes, new songs that SHOULD HAVE BEEN on the album to begin with... Pop music fans will rejoice in an album like this. It's a stunner. I include this here as ONE album because it was released as a 2xLP on Black Friday RSD. I waited in line for it. It was worth it.)

15. Til Willis - Dirtflowers
(Til Willis can do no wrong. This is a very impressive work. Like his past stuff, it oozes with brilliant Americana/Alt-rock/post punk broth. Dirtflowers has more of a "cooled-down snarl", whatever that means. I'm a longtime supporter of Til's music, so it's easy for me to love this album. A sense-tickling Westerbergian dystopia, laden with US Route 64 scenery.
Til's first full length pressed on wax came late-ish in the year, but still managed to sneak in there right in time. Still waiting for Til to get over to my neck of the woods for a show or two.  
A fine album for fans of all kinds of music... Snugly fits in the Best Of The Year List with no trouble at all.)

16. Last Crack - The Up Rising
(One of my favorite bands whilst a young lad. Right in there with my Jane's/FNM/Saigon Kicky freakouts that never really ended. Perfect addition to the definition of "alt-rock". Last Crack came in with this DOOZY of an album. A bunch of seasoned dudes get together and literally ROCK YOUR FACE OFF. Edgy, almost metallic, practically epic, well-honed rock tunes with the perfect "alt-y" sneer. If you loved Last Crack before, and you still love Last Crack now, this album will only keep that flame alive. Soldier on, cats... soldier on...)

17. Shana Cleveland - Night Of The Worm Moon
(I can't even begin to describe this. I won't even try. It's absolutely astounding. Everything about this screams that one moment where the stars look unnaturally close. Hymns to the veil of night sky, all sassy and otherworldly. Little pockets of spiraling galaxies, illuminated from behind by an open fridge with nothing but a can of coconut LaCroix inside.)

18. Crypt Trip - Haze County
(If I need to explain why this is on this list, or any list, it's beyond you. Crypt Trip gets better with each album. Their previous album killed me.. I was done for. I play it all the freaking time. It's one of the best albums ever. Haze County surpasses Rootstock and previous albums by LIGHT YEARS. Into the Best Of List, and staying there. Bands are going to have a hard time following this up for the remainder of the year... sorry, other bands. Crypt Trip's latest album Haze County is a blazing masterpiece. Bow before them.)

19. Mooner - O.M.
(Indonesia sure to please ya. Riffs like fire. Melodies like prisms. Jams like tsunamis. Mooner are this wonderfully heavy psych rock beast, rampaging through the jungle like a komodo dragon, ripping through prey with razor sharp teeth, and nullifying with toxic drool. A really killer find for me. So many good riffs, it's ridiculous.)

20. Lucy In Blue - In Flight
(Keyboard-Heavy, King Floydian Nektar Heep retro prog from the Land Of Fire & Ice. Pleasing to the ears. This latest addition to their series of opuses contains enough atmospheric '70s feelies to get you through your year. The Moon Dog and the March Hare knew they were here way before they were here. This is a stunner. )

21. Clouds Taste Satanic - Evil Eye & Second Sight
(YES! As a long-time fan, I don't have anything bad to say about this band. I will blindly buy their LPs without any hesitation. Second Sight comes to us as part 2 of this year's earlier release Evil Eye. As with any CTS release, there is sure to be some heavy doom riffing and darkness. Evil Eye and Second Sight have showed that they can doom as much as they can groove. With the addition of some more psych-y elements, some "jazzy" interludes, and some melodic moments, they have surpassed themselves. In such a short time between albums, they continue to grow, and I'm finding Second Sight to be their most refreshing [and almost relaxing] trip across the Mephistophelian cosmos yet. Doom on, gents... Doom on...)

22. Frank Hurricane & The Hurricanes Of Love - Life Is Spiritual
(A classy release. Backwaters, back roads, back woods, back doors, and backtalk. The joke is on you, America... laugh and cry, celebrate and pule. Swampy biographies, when all's said and done, makes for moments of enlightened astonishment. Americana/blues as told from a mud puddle in a truck stop parking lot.)

23. Lo-Pan - Subtle
(Seismic shifting does indeed happen when music is played loud enough. Nice hooks, great vocals, crafty tunes. Every Lo-Pan album is a humdinger.)

24. Florida Man - Tropical Depression
(All those ka-booms and ka-poweys you're likely to hear? That's the sound of my neighborhood when this album physically drops onto my player. Fine noise that happily takes a branch to your lip. Reminiscent of crusty Midwestern noise with touches of chrome-plated DC fury. It'll rip you a new facehole.)

25. Bright Curse - Time Of The Healer
(Bright Curse are one of my favorite bands. This new album shows much growth within the band and the songwriting. Again... one of my favorite bands, and they can do no wrong. Brilliant stuff.)

Honorable mentions:

Crow Ballard - Electric Paradox

Sandveiss - Saboteur

Flesh Of The Stars - Mercy

Dark Numbers - If It Was it Would Be So

Stonerror - Widow In Black

No Man's Valley - Outside The Dream

Etherial Riffian - Legends

Mike Patton & Jean-Claude Vannier - Corpse Flower

Camionero - Confianza en tí solo

A year of total musical madness.....

 - Andy B