Saturday, May 4, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - May 4th, 2019

 The Blitz arriveth. A potent blend, likely to cause mild aural hallucinations. Perfectly fine to operate heavy machinery while inside the Blitz, however. Remember to keep all fingers and toes inside the ride never, and here we go:

Arteries - Arteries
(HAHAHA!! WHOA!!! We're talking some SERIOUS New Wave madness! I almost dropped my Mork & Mindy mug. It's like Dead Kennedys ate the B-52s, and pooped out the Talking Heads. I LOVE THIS. I really love this. A gristly synth slugging away at neo-punk flattery, all the while never sounding trite or campy. This stands an extremely good chance of winding up being part of my Summertime soundtracks. Whoa, indeed.)

Big Thief - U.F.O.F
(Alt-folk. If you wanted something "different", this is it. It's practically indescribable. Kind of has this backcountry swamp on Jupiter kind of feel. I mean, if we were to watch some movie from a long time ago, and a character walks into a time travel-y tavern in the future, and some band is playing "futuristic music", this might be the band playing. No need to lace up your drinks, this is going to hit you with some lysergic introspection, sans tabs...)

Bright Curse - Time Of The Healer
(Bright Curse are one of my favorite bands. This new album shows much growth within the band and the songwriting. Again... one of my favorite bands, and they can do no wrong. Brilliant stuff.)

 Alien Lizard - Monatomic Gold
(Psych that runs on sub-ohm. A spectacular trip into the cosmos, with a slightly melancholy feel, breathy vocals, and a surreal sense of space. Actually caught me off guard with the amount of early '90s darkwave/deathrock/ethereal sentiments I find nestled inside... and that is significantly to my liking, for sure.)

Lay Down And Rot - Ad Nauseam
(Instrumental psych with cool samples peppered throughout. Pretty wild stuff at times, other times relaxing. A fine Bandcamp debut)

Psychic Lemon - Live At The Smokehouse
(UK's psych/krautrock trailblazers Psychic Lemon sally forth with a live set, full of heady resonance, interstellar echoes, trippy trips, and extraterrestrial hypnosis. All so fuzzy, you almost want to pet it. It's a wild thing, and not for the faint of heart.This is scathing tripped-out psych, with emphasis on repetitive movements designed specifically to transport you to that one star you seem to focus on when you go outside for a spliff. You were warned. RIYL Amon Duul II, Can, Popol Vuh, etc. Round out your Krautrock mix this Summer...)

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