Sunday, May 22, 2011


What more can be said about a band that I always wished I was in? I mean, with so much sludge, you'd think we would have hung out as young 'uns and traded tapes. The scattered members are all from different bands now... BDR was made up of future members of various bands around these parts known as Dubuque, Iowa. More on these bands to come. BDR II - Dykefuge, is their third recorded undertaking. This one boasts some snarling vox from Piranha, who also abuses his bass guitar privileges often in other bands (Mantaur). The average band would cringe at the likes of the doom-laden riffs and fuzzed-out space jams. We can all be happy to blow our own minds while listening to such stonery wildness. Download it here.

Incidentally, Jeagle from Grainbelt went on to play the drums for BDR. It's always an ever-changing affair around here.

Apparently BDR are sleeping at the moment, but will probably be roused with the proper incantation...


From the banks of the Mississippi came Grainbelt. This three-piece of friends got together based on a few common things: Boredom, love of music, love of playing music. The fact that I played in this band has no real bearing on the fact that they were a cool band.

Dubuque produces many interesting bands. I have had the joy of playing in a few of them over the years. Grainbelt... rose out of the ashes of a bunch of other bands. Sometimes we get together again and play a show in front of our peers. Back in the day, it was rock stardom. Playing out with the likes of The Heavenly States, Exodus, Jucifer, 31 Knots... it was all really blurry. We had one night where we were recording The Accidental Death EP, we recorded all day, played a show that night, the people at the show loved us so we went to their house and played another show at their after party. So many night of absolute madness, and I look back sometimes and feel all warm and fuzzy. 

The EP was recorded in Milwaukee at the Herzog Zound Studio with Colin Gagon... This was big for us. The EP still sounds good, and we manage to make this seem easy at our young age. Go Dubuque.