Friday, November 1, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - November 1st, 2019

Quick Blitz Fix. Say that three times fast.

Clouds Taste Satanic - Second Sight
(YES! As a long-time fan, I don't have anything bad to say about this band. I will blindly buy their LPs without any hesitation. Second Sight comes to us as part 2 of this year's earlier release Evil Eye. As with any CTS release, there is sure to be some heavy doom riffing and darkness. Evil Eye and Second Sight have showed that they can doom as much as they can groove. With the addition of some more psych-y elements, some "jazzy" interludes, and some melodic moments, they have surpassed themselves. In such a short time between albums, they continue to grow, and I'm finding Second Sight to be their most refreshing [and almost relaxing] trip across the Mephistophelian cosmos yet. Doom on, gents... Doom on...)  

Saint Karloff - Interstellar Voodoo
(I most likely do not have to explain this album to anyone. It's fucking brilliant. A 40-minute track of stoner rock awesomeness.)

Yellow Hammer - Extinction Blues
(Three tracks of scintillating Norwegian mountain folk. Always a nice surprise when I see a new release from Yellow Hammer.)

Ethereal Riffian - Legends 
(Ridiculously good stoner rock. Exceptionally crisp production, with an ABSOLUTELY KILLER snare. Lots of alt-rock influences and head-nodding groovy-ness.)

Botanist - Ecosystem
(The last gasp as humanity is wiped out by spores and roots. A canopy of human bones, broad-leaved plants from the understory, fed by graves, lianas of entrails... THE avant garde black metal band that I LOVE outright. Everything about the band, the sound, the lyrics, and this album makes total sense to me. Perfect.)

The Delines - Eight Floors Up/Wait For Me
(What started as a guilty pleasure has simply become a part of normal life. Anything from The Delines is an insta-buy. A couple of gorgeous tracks to tide me over until the next wave of chilled-out 24-Hour Laundromat Americana Blues.)
- Andy B.