Thursday, January 31, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - January 31st, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz

The new year has really kicked off well. In the short amount of time that has passed since the last list, it's become clear to me that this year is not going to let up.

It's Winter here at Nerve Salad Central. Normally, this is not that big of a deal, but we've achieved record lows this time around. We could officially say that we were colder than Antarctica. I look outside, and I see all of these woodpeckers fluffed up, all of the trees frozen over, the snow covering the ground is a solid sheet of glistening frost. It's -23°F. It's snowing again. I'm not going anywhere.

The List: 

Mooner - O.M. 
(This is some of the most driving heavy psych I've heard in a long time. I'm super glad I found these guys (and gal) when I did. FANTASTIC heavy psych, with a serious GO! GO! GO! attitude that I like. Perfect for cruising. Every song packs a wallop of riffs and psych-y noodling. Many flavors = Tasty Treats.)

Fauxhalla - Fauxhalla EP  

(When a pal of yours has an awesome psychedelic dream pop band and you don't know about it, you buy their stuff on Bandcamp immediately. Very diggable, lush, '80s electro-poppy pair of tunes perfect for getting lost in the woods.)
The Delines - The Imperial 
(Such a fine collection of classy tunes. One of those last-minute discoveries for me. Cool band, great lyrics, smooth sound. Always has that "rainy-day-at-home-alone" feel to the tunes, giving the whole album a blissfully gloomy vibe that's hard to escape. An album full of "feels". I'm finding myself liking this band more and more as time goes by. Boone's lyrics are fantastic portraits of hard livin', poor choices, and empty dreams, among other tastefully dreary stories. I like to call this "24-Hour Laundromat Country Blues". Full album can be found streaming on other platforms, but just buy this one, and you'll get the full album.)

Heron Oblivion - Heron Oblivion 
(Tasty experimental pop psych with touches of krautrock, noise, acid rock freakouts, and '70s prog. An album I kind of missed out on when it released. Likely something I would have jumped around about had I been on top of it.)

Strand Of Oaks - Eraserland  
(Strand Of Oaks is a nice little project by singer/songwriter Timothy Showalter. He's been around the block a time or two. Previous albums are real jewels. He's been in league with the likes of Jason Isbell, and the Magnolia boys. This album is not yet out, but this track alone shows so much promise, it's worth getting the ball rolling.)

The Watch - Seven
(Italy's finest reincarnation of early '70s Genesis. As a follower of these guys for many years now, it's obvious when they release an album, you are going to get the sound you come to know and love. They are extremely good at it. Complete with a Steve Hackett appearance.) 

Prehistoric Pigs - Dai  
(After their first recordings, a split with Electric Taurus, and the following album, it was time to check in on the Pigs. Dai is as you would expect: Fuzzy psych, hallucinogenic jams, and wild riffage. Good stuff.)

Snog The Dog - Toxic Shock
(Funk alt-metal extravaganza. Catchy tunes, heavy riffs, sweet leads, nice vox. A band that could go places with the right audience. Some little bump in the right direction would turn these guys into stoner rock heroes. A little Faith No More mixed with your Hendrixian panache. Truly something to be experienced rather than described. A real freakout, evoking memories of '90s grunge, and '70s hard rock. Turn this one up.)


Wulfhound - EP 
(Really great stoner doom with underwater vox. The fuzziness is unrelenting, the doom is impending, and the darkness is just around the corner. I dig the "silver lining" in the open spaces. Lots of bass boomy fun for the AM routine)


Harmony Rockets w/ Special Guest Peter Walker - Lachesis​/​Clotho​/​Atropos
(Nifty side project/supergroup, full of sounds. Another one of those "listen instead of try to describe" albums. Lots of psych jams, raga rock, ethereal explosions, all put into one spacey affair.)

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - January 16th, 2019

The List:

The Tunnel - The Blood EP
(Here it is... the new Tunnel EP! Killer deathrock with unrelenting noise rock punishment. 3 songs made to flay you in twain. Take your beatings now.)

 Vertical - Vol. 3
(Holy ballsnuts, holy ballsnuts, holy ballsnuts!! These riffs! Those vox! This groove! So good, I could scream. This album hammers it down in ways I think I must have needed right now. This does not let up for one second, and completely shreds out melodic riffs, unrelenting groove, and class. Screw your morning coffee, this will wake your ass right up.)
The Torcido Monkey Dream -Kikazaru EP 2018
(They have to be dreaming about monkeys, because this music is bananas! Literally the most jarring, yet satisfying listening experience I've had in a while. Stoner/noise/metal/groove/junk rock. Has the occasional "proggy" thing happening here and there, but this ain't no Yes album. This more in line with Bungle or some other whacky Patton project. This is bananas AND nuts with a swirl of headshots.)
Wooden Dinosaur - Working Weather
(This little gem just jumped out at me whilst simply playing around in the Bandcamp sandbox. Enthusiastic, mature, catchy, bright and uplifting Americana/folk/rock. Some soul, some fire, a bunch of groove, a touch of Gospel. Bravo!)

The Hanging Stars - Songs For Somewhere Else
(Brilliant! Exceptional Cosmic Americana with a few nods to the Paisley Underground, and 60s psych. Just the way I like it.)
 Imperial Jade - On The Rise
(Really fine classic rock! So much talent going on...  There's something special in the water in Spain. You want something influenced by Led Zep and the like, but does not sound like a ridiculously boring, weak clone? This is your band!)
This Pine Box - The Way Out
(Indie rock with lots of '70s classic rock peppered in for good measure. If this band keeps the heavier tunes going, they'll get my eternal seal of approval. Good stuff. No Bandcamp for this album [yet?], but you can find it here and there.)


Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Of 2018

Here we go. I actually already hate myself for this list.

2018 was INSANE! There was more good music this past year than in most years. Albums I had waited for had come out. Albums I didn't know I was waiting for came out. Albums I didn't know I needed in my life suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The year really threw me for a loop in terms of what to expect.
I did my utmost at compiling the best of the year for me. I had the break it down into a few categories:
  • Did I listen to it in the car?
  • Did it play it during dinner?
  • Did it get played more than 9 times?
  • Did it get played on road trips?
  • Was it a part of my day at some point?
  • Did I get it on vinyl?
 This was hard. I happened upon some albums in 2018 that I did not hear in 2017. I listened to those a lot.
Many thanks to those bands in the list that got a hold of me, chatted, or whose shows I went to. It was a killer year for music, and 2019 is bound to be even better.
Without further ado, here's the list I'm already beating myself up over, in no particular order of importance other than when I thought of them:

2018 Best Of

1. Orango - Evergreens

2. Facing New York - Dogtown

3. Manchino - Artificial Love EP 

4. Chesty Vulva - Subjects

5. Saint Jude - Six

6. Rectangle Shades - Mystical Numbers

7. Crypt Trip - Rootstock

8. Rope - Come Closer Now

9. The Sheepdogs - Changing Colours

10. Kai Danzberg - Pop-Up Radio

11. The Boxcar Suite - Further In And Farther Out

12. Glanville - First Blood EP

13. Crazy Bull - The Past Is Today

14. Dommengang - Love Jail

15. Under - Stop Being Naive

16. Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Science Fiction

17. Earthless - Black Heaven

18. Last Of The Easy Riders - Unto The Earth

19. Mt. Mountain - Golden Rise

20. Leif De Leeuw Band - Live In Concert

(Honorable Mentions + Last Minute Additions)

Manthra Dei - Bipolar Bears
Turtle Skull - self-titled
Calliope - Chapel Perilous
Hippo Campus - Bambi
The Soulbreaker Company - Sewed With Light
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Years
Scott Hirsch - Lost Time Behind The Moon
Lord Vapour - Semuta
Wizard Must Die - In The Land Of Dead Turtles
Gloria - Hey Gyp EP
Moves - Moves
RF Shannon - Trickster Blues
The Clouds Will Clear - Recollection Of What Never Was
Jeff Tweedy - Warm
Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys - You Had Your Cake, So Lie In It

There... I did it. I'm done. These are the albums I listened to a bunch this past year. Now let's see what 2019 has for us...