Sunday, September 22, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - September 22nd, 2019

I know I've taken a while to put out a new Blitz. I'm not trying to be a lazy ass, or stiff you out of a good time. I've been doing stuff. Just needed a little space away from the ol' rabbit hole. I promise to keep up in the future. I knew I was going to take a little mini vacation, I just had no idea how long I would while away the hours... Nerve Salad Records' only release so far, the Strippers In Love album, has been doing pretty well. Especially the cassettes. You collectors know a good thing when you see it. Beyond all of this, I apologize for the uninspired words as of late. A few other kinks to work out in real life, a couple more brainstorming sessions, a little bit o' gumption, and Bob's your uncle.

This Blitz is brought to you by:

Serial Hawk - Static Apnea
(An unstoppable force of melodic doom. Also a very impressive album overall for the band, showing much growth and maturity.)

Planet Of The 8s - Tourist Season 
(Good gosh... the "Holy Ballsnuts!" meter hasn't gone off like this in a while. Awesome, truly. Melodic stoner rock with all the right moves and grooves. This album will, without a doubt, be sticking with me for quite some time. Just what I needed. These riffy jams are weep-worthy, in my book. Man tears, friends.. every next track is a total banger.)

Young Guv - Guv I
(Groovy, sparkly power pop, pulling a few punky punches here and there. Guv II out soon-ly)

HARM LESS - Safe's Pace
(Mathy post rock from Chicagoland. Album number 2 showing a huge step forward with added ideas, instrumentation, and twisty-turny rhythm. A one-man project in the same vein as the legendary Cloudkicker. Awesome!)

Anuseye - 3:33 333
(Screeching alt-stoner rock, some classy noise rock touches.Highly recommended from me, if that means anything. Probably going in the BOTY list... you just wait...)

The Pernice Brothers - Spread The Feeling 
(This album is an unbelievably adept celebration of power pop, 60s & 70s psych, jangly 80s pop, and Paisley Underground smatterings. Also my 1000th album in my collection on Bandcamp... this is a monumental occasion, and a little brag-worthy for all the above reasons. Splendid!)

Legba - Hell
(Blistering occult stoner rock. A tiny dash of Type O mixed with odds-and-ends doom/sludge. Really diverse, and a big surprise.)

Skyjoggers - Seasons Of Uiu
(Whoa there! I got blindsided by this, for real. REALLY good heavy psych from Finland! One minute, I was just sitting there, and the next minute I'm getting slapped in the face by this ENTIRE album. Driving riffs, energetic scourge-of-the-earth tempos, tidy interludes, classy melodies, spacey space-outs... Holy Ballsnuts!!! Essential listening for groovy psych heads with a fondness for the heavier side of things. A+ for killer guitar tone.)

James Matthew VII - Stoned When I Pray 
(Heard this album a while back. Looked around for the vinyl. Never saw it. Thought it was a Soundcloud fluke. Lo and behold, this Psych/Americana gem appears! No need to sniff it out anymore.)

  - Andy B