Friday, August 31, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - August 31st, 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

Magnolia Red - Magnolia Red
(When it comes to Americana/indie rock, Norway doesn't mess around. Here's some Norwegians doing typical Norwegian things: Being awesome.)

Breanna Barbara - Mirage Dreams
(Self-described Occult Blues. I would tend to agree. It's super)

Glenn Jones - The Giant Who Ate Himself and Other New Works For 6 & 12 String Guitar…/the-giant-who-ate-himself…
(Guitar Master Glenn Jones taking his guitars to the casbah and making such beautiful music together)

The Pollies - Transmissions
(Fine fine fine Americana with REALLY catchy tunes)

Black Prism - Black Prism
(KILLER stoner rock with massive face-melting riffs. Just signed with CTR, and that's a good thing)

Monday, August 27, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - August 27th, 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

Space Fox - Moon Trips
(Chilled-out Psych from Portugal in the key of D)

SoloHawk - Another Way Out
(Alt-country duo featuring Til Willis of Til Willis fame)

Crushed By Amps - Amps Almighty
(Splendid, bluesy, fuzzy noise rock. Winner of Cool Band Name award)

Men Of The Wild Age - The Road
(Muscular stoner rock with big tires made for the sand)

Trench Dogs - Year Of The Dog…/year-of-the-dog
(Finally some sleaze/glam rock we can handle)

Saturday, August 25, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - August 25th, 2018

Today's Bellows From Bandcamp:

Black Swamp Water - Distant Thunder
(Southern-Fried Hard Rock + Metal that rocks and metalizes)

Saint Jude - I
(Aussies blowing my damn mind yet again. Alt-country done so perfectly, it should be a sin)

Saint Jude - II
(Some of the finest psych-y alt-country around)

Saint Jude - III
(There's no escape)

Cold Womb Descent - Ldaovh Trilogy
(Incredible, dark & beautiful, desolate, spacey soundscapes. The exact noises you hear before the lifeform from Europa Report eats you)

Saturday, August 18, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - August 18th 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

Bluewreck - Out Of Control
(Sophomore album from this amazing D.C.-based psych rock unit. I freaked out about their first album, and this one is even better.)

Adult Cinema - Teaser Trailer
(One-man prog rock band. Cool songs, nice hooks! Been following him for quite some time now. There's vinyl to be had.)

Gargle - Wading In Shallow Waters…/wading-in-shallow-waters
(Accordion/Guitar/Synth-based neo-classical soundscapes with an airy, dreamy feel.)

Jim Younger's Spirit - No Human Tongue Can Tell
(Alt-country from France that's been picking up plays from me lately. Has a real '60s psych feel to it sometimes, and, without a doubt, a certain "French" touch that makes it pretty special)

Ttotals - Skyview Drive
(Psych, alt-country, alt-rock, indie from Nashville. Cool adventurous album with lots of stuff going on)

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz Tuesday August 14, 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

Chris Richards and the Subtractions - A Smattering Of Mystery And Sound
(Fine power pop with a touch of '80s new wave and punk attitude)

Monje - Monje
(Deathly howls from the inside of an ancient bong)

Paradise - Dawn Of Paradise
(A prog rock playground. Smidgens of Yes, The Who, Meatloaf, and ELO layered on a sesame seed bun)

Jake Allan - Somewhere to Somewhere and Everywhere in Between
(RIP Jake Allan)

Sinkane - Life & Livin' It
(R&B, Funk, Alternative Grooves. A really great album)

Sugarfoot - This Love That We Outwore
(In My Top Two Favorite Bands Of All Time.. Can do no wrong)

Thursday, August 2, 2018

Your Gaze - Nosedive

When I was in high school, I wanted to be the most difficult person to be around. Well, not "wanted to be...", more like "wound up being...". It was not easy having the most unusual tastes of any person I knew, except for the rare few I hung out with, and have known since. Bands would come and go, but my tastes were always the same back then: dreary, dark, typical "depressed young person" music for the times. I found that if it was on Apocalyptic Vision, Cold Meat Industry, or Projekt Records, I was on top of it.

From Nashville, TN comes a twisted turn of events called Your Gaze. There's a spooky recording looming around called Noisedive. It's an odd one. This is totally something me from 1996-1998 would be into. It's got this nostalgic feel to it, like the music I would listen to in my late teens/early twenties when girls would break up with me. Like, if My Bloody Valentine dated The Smiths, various aging '80s goth bands, & Soul Whirling Somewhere, but all decided to call it quits, started hanging out with Lycia instead, OD'ed together, and the remaining members of darkwave bands from the '90s all found their dead bodies in a pile in the middle of the room, along with miles and miles of recorded reel to reel music. This is what it would sound like if they decided to pay tribute to the recordings of the now-deceased formation of musicians: Noisedive
I know that's a stupid theory, but look at it this way: It's got a lot of different things happening all at once. Spacey, gazey, noisy, atmospheric, lush, bleak, dreary, and strangely heavy all at once.

This is coming in the form of a limited CD from Forbidden Place Records, and can be found HERE.

Meanwhile, give this a listen. If anything, it will bring you back to the "good ol' days" when you could still wash your cares away with layers upon layers of reverb.
 Check 'em out on Facebook, too.


RIYL: Soul Whirling Somewhere, Lycia, Joy Division, Slowdive, Bauhaus, Faith & The Muse, My Bloody Valentine.