Tuesday, February 25, 2020

Bandcamp Blitz February 25th, 2020

Overwhelmed... music keeps coming at me. I've really been in the quagmire as of late. Up to my knees in riffs. This Blitz is a way to get this all out there so I can get moving on the next one. Apparently, I need to get myself in gear better than other times I was trying to get myself in gear. 

The year is still new.

God help us all...


The Swell Fellas - The Big Grand Entrance
(Let me just start by saying I had NO IDEA what I was in for when I hit play. This, quite effortlessly, blew my feeble mind into a slushy, greasy mess. Now I love this band. Yeah, man... play it again. Alt-rock/stoner/prog. Solid guitar work, obliterating bass tone, sharp melodies, often relaxing, often biting, watery, wintery creations.... Songcrafters, crafting songs. I'm sold, dudes.)

The Leif De Leeuw Band - Where We're Heading
(Considering the amount of praise I gave this band back in 2017 with their previous LP came out, it would be safe to say this album would be no different. Quite possibly the best stuff I've heard since.. well.. their LAST album. Some of the best Southern Rock you've ever heard, with world class musicians making these complex tunes look and sound effortless.)

Loud Silence - Elements
(Strap yourself in for this one. Loud Silence demands silence to play this album as loud as we can. Here come these young dudes from Greece, with fuzzy, riffy, hooky monsters in tow. A very impressive effort. Toss in some stoner elements, some post rock-ish touches, a few heavy psych flourishes, a portion or two of grunge, and a heavy dollop of alt-rock. That's some real stick-to-your-ribs ingredients, and they mix it pretty well. Bravo, gents.)

The Revenants - The Gift 
(One of my favorite unknown artists releases yet another awesome collection of tunes. Alt-rock, countrified, folk-sy, new wave-y, pop tunes. A total gem in the rough, Revenants/Eliot Wilder continue to wow me by being a constant force, always putting out new music, often several albums a year. A fine example of a truly gifted person.)

Praÿ - Praÿ
(Fine instrumental dark stoner doom from France. Each of the 4 tracks almost hits the 12-minute mark, so you know this is going to be a drooler. Kinda proggy, a little gloomy. Neat!)

Sugartape - Chandeleidescope
(Really nice work happening here. Some '70s-smacked/classic rock meanderings. These lads are simply killing it. Their first EP had tons of promise, and this full-length delivers on that promise ten-fold. )


The Hanging Stars - A New Kind Of Sky
(As with any of their releases, I can only describe them as perfect. London's Hanging Stars touch on every part of music that makes me go "oooh!". Only a few handful of bands actually have this much panache and style. Lush alt-country/cosmic Americana done so well, you may be hard-pressed, like me, to find many other bands to compare. Fan-freaking-tastic.)

Daniel Mandrychenko - Anti
(High-standard Jazz from a whacky guitar player. If you even "kind of like jazz", this is worth a listen. Lots going on with this one. Some stellar sax playing, and even better interplay between lead instruments. A neat little jaunt into realms beyond Sunday jazz, more akin to uneasy listening made easy. Some moments of true musical wit shine through like beacons.)

Saturday, February 1, 2020