Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - July 31st, 2019

I know, I know. I'm taking FOREVER to get the next Blitz out. Many other projects going on all at once. I was supposed to be taking a short break. It will be easier to get things done faster after I chip away at some stuff at Nerve Salad HQ. I'm working on a little thing with a band I'm in, Woodcreeper. I've been experimenting with different kinds of music throughout my whole life, playing in all kinds of bands, singing all kinds of styles. Woodcreeper is one of those strange experiments that turned into an actual working machine. Some alt-stoner rock or heavy rock.. I don't know what to call it. We just turned up our stuff and went off. Stay tuned for some real self-indulgent bullshit about that, I guess. We're almost done with our "Demo/EP". Might suck, might be awesome. Who knows? Meanwhile, grab yourself a Strippers In Love CD or tape.

The Blitz awaits:

Arctic Sleep - Kindred Spirits 
(Keith D. & company return with another gorgeous doom epic.  Arctic Sleep's last album was a real stunner. Kindred Spirits picks up where Passage Of Gaia leaves off and surges forth with huge hooks, lovely melodies. Heavy guitars, lush vocals. There's a lighthouse in the distance, but with all of this rain, we can't tell just how far away it is, so we just keep going. Is this a good album? Totally.)

Reader - Engrams
(Meat Puppets-y, twisted heavy alt-rock with fine vocals and barbed hooks. Layered vox equals interesting listen. Borderline proggy... has a real "beachy" feel at times. Really looking forward to the whole thing.)

Makeunder - Pale Cicada
(Easily some of the best experimental R&B you're likely to hear this side of Saturn. A real gem in among the rubble. Get your socks knocked off.)

Gyasi - Androgyne
(Psych/glam/glitter rock with Bowie/Hoople-esque glitz. Shimmery lipstick morphed into a living snail, smearing itself over a guitar, invading the dreams of Roberto Cavalli while stumbling through a field of rose petals.. in high heels.. on Mars. Ultra-recommended.)


Salvadore Ross - The Transfiguration Of Salvadore Ross
(Wow... perfect psych rock with '60s psych/pop influences. I mean.. how can this be terrible after hearing the first 45 seconds of the album? Strap in for another ride through the stratosphere.)

Hymnambulae - Nausikaa
(Experimental psych? Prog? Spoken word? Dark ritual ambient? In any case, it's quite fascinating stuff from Sweden.)

Jordan Jones - s/t
(Power pop, psych punk, classic rock. Infectious, really. One listen, and these tunes will affix themselves into your head.)

A little blitz for everybody. August will be here before we know it, and then its back to the grind as usual. Thanks for checking in!

- Andy Benson

Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Strippers In Love CDs and Cassettes

Manchester, UK and Balearic Islands, and Spain's Strippers In Love made a wonderful thing. The Psych/Stoner masterpiece is finally available in physical form!

Get It Here