Friday, March 29, 2019

Forbidden Place Records Update

Forbidden Place Records has reached Ludicrous Speed. All of that maniacal laughter you hear in the distance? That's FPR, reeling in the good feels from all of the fine doings that are doing. On top of the miraculous number of releases out now, there's a whole slew of stuff in the works. Ideally, if one were wise, one would keep checking back from time to time to see what's up.
Much of Forbidden Place Records' released music is NYP on Bandcamp, and vinyl options are available for the grown-ups. Each link below is a passageway to another listening experience, each set to detonate inside your brain within seconds of hitting the "Play" button.

The Black Furs - Doomed Blues 

Monje - S/T 

Stone Disciple - Lost Comm

Sleeping Tigers - 7"

Franck Racket - Screaming Skull

Flying Disk - Urgency

LàGoon - The Unwelcome

Friday, March 15, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - March 15th, 2019

Crazy month thus far. So many new releases, I'm playing catch-up with everything. Forbidden Place Records has been super busy with new releases, and I've had a little something in the works to make a few of you freak out. As I work up an update on the goings-on at Nerve Salad & Forbidden Place, here's a little list to keep you occupied until then. Meanwhile, stay tuned! A few surprises in the works!


Glued - Cool Evil
(Hefty, meaty post-punk/indie/noise from St. Louis. Lots of dirty basements and greasy garages are sewn into the sound. Fractured, anti-melodies protrude like a shattered limb. Ouch.. and Yum..)

Blues Arcadia - Carnival Of Fools
(Soulful, skillful, swayful, spoonfuls of smoothness. Real Delbert McClinton vibe going on with the vocalist, and a super groove happening throughout the entire album. It's likely you could pick yourself out a soul/r&b/rock influence, and you'll find it here. It's kinda one of those albums that if you play it loud, you're doing the right thing, but if you play it softly, as background music for dinner or casual gatherings, you're also doing it right. Big thanks to Bucky Brown for hepping me to this one. One thing's for sure: These Aussies can give you a case of the incurable feels. Smooth AF. )

The Mighty Trumpet Company - The Strength And The Courage
(Hey now... watch out... this is infectious stuff. Alt-Americana/power pop/alt rock. A few spiritual/Biblical overtones in the lyrical delivery, plenty of alt-warm fuzzies to keep you feeling fresh and clean. Do not even think for a moment that this is "another Christian band"... you would be criminally mistaken. This album is a jubilant jaunt through styles and genres, and does not take very many moments to breathe. Tuck your napkin into the front of your shirt, grab your fork and knife. A bountiful harvest, this.)

Crypt Trip - Haze County
(If I need to explain why this is on this list, or any list, it's beyond you. Crypt Trip gets better with each album. Their previous album killed me.. I was done for. I play it all the freaking time. It's one of the best albums ever. Haze County surpasses Rootstock and previous albums by LIGHT YEARS. Into the Best Of List, and staying there. Bands are going to have a hard time following this up for the remainder of the year... sorry, other bands. Crypt Trip's latest album Haze County is a blazing masterpiece. Bow before them.)

I Was A King - Slow Century
(Fine jangle pop from Norway! Produced by Norman Blake of Teenage Fanclub, this is a shimmering effort. On the surface, the tunes appear quite simplistic, but scratch away the top layers, and there's the winning number underneath it all. Quite good.)

Magic Circle - Departed Souls
(Doom. Doom. Doom! Classic sounds, unearthed from a cosmic tomb. Drop out, light up,  bliss forth. Rock & roll that will hunt you in the night and eat you alive. Don't miss this.)

Found Wild - Found Wild

(Sublime, breezy alt-country. Beautiful tunes, classy songwriting, seasoned musicianship.. all surrounded by a package I can't resist. That brilliant cover... Sold. That killer vinyl pressing... Sold. The sophisticated music... Sold!)

Friday, March 1, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - March 1st, 2019

Jeez, February. There's an energetic crackle in the air, and it seems to be lighting up the year like ignis fatuus, a beacon to bring the rest of the year's music into the fold.
In other words: Jeez, February.

The List:

Iain Micah Weigert - Dust To Mud
(Wonderful, heartfelt Cosmic Americana. Really a stand-out in terms of lyrics and execution. Definitely takes you through a dusty drive through the desert while you sort out your thoughts. Unearthly, phantom-doused, isolated, quietly flowing streams of consciousness skillfully put into little packages of mildly hallucinogenic, psych-y cosmic Americana/country and distributed evenly among the Arcadian macrocosm....)

Pinegrove - Skylight
(Okay, thousands of people like this band, apparently. I'm only just now hearing it. This kind of alternative country, alt-folk is pretty good. Something about the way everything fits together makes this a great album. I've heard the bands other albums, but for some reason, I like this one the best. Maybe it's because I heard it first, but these songs are really beautiful, poetic ditties that never stray too far outside of their comfort zone. Really a pleasure to listen to.)

Sleep Study - Miss America
(Minneapolis power pop quartet making a few waves with their latest effort, Miss America. These songs are so catchy, you're gonna need an injection.)

Orbiter - Resist, Submit, Repeat
(Heavy AF proggy hard rock from Norway. Quite a few things happening at once. The overpowering groove, aggressive vocals, and snarly approach. Throw in some stonery moments, and it becomes a far out trip into the cosmos.)

Thursday's Pussy Dogs - Howlin' Like A Shewolf
(Spain surges forward with another amazing hard rock band. Spain seems to be catching up to the rest of the psych/stoner/heavy rock pack with true panache. Intense, jammy, groovy, soul-drenched hard rock with some unruly Southern touches. Ka-BAM!!)

Black Vulpine - Veil Nebula
(Dark prog. One track on Bandcamp showing signs of promise. Female-fronted heavy, busy, sludgy, stonery prog with monster riffs and some psych-y feels. REM-inducing music for headbangers.)

Thee Telepaths - The Velvet Night
(Krautrock, proto-punk, psych from the UK. Tripped-out, fuzzy landscapes. Has a touch of '80s darkwave, which is to my liking. When listening as a whole album, one will likely be transported to some other garage in some other land in some other time.)