Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Wight- Love Is Not Only What You Know

So.. I know I'm early, but this album is already way up on my Top Ten list of 2016. Some super smooth and classy tunes from an incredibly groovy band of gents.. reminiscent of "Rides Again"-meets-"Bang"-era James Gang and every Free album ever, with true psych/stoner grooves, great vocals, awesome bassings, frettings, and drummerings... That's some serious music. And that cover is rad, let's just be honest. Wight rules. You'd be nuts to let this one slip by you...
As far as the band goes, they send out transmissions from Darmstadt, Germany. Over the years, they have released a few really good heavy albums (Through The Woods Into Deep Water, a split with Stone Axe, etc.), and everything has been showing nonstop signs of growth for the band. Musically, they once had a doomy vibe. Heavy, downtuned, sludge-driven riffs accompanied by exceptionally smooth basslines. A stoner/doom band working their stoner/doom band magic. But then while listening to the albums over the years, you notice a real progression and "coming of age" in the songwriting and general musicianship. Then they slyly began including some real jamming in their songs, some inspired songwriting, and some sneaky groovy-ness, live shows turning into real muscial experiences (Live In Athens)... so Love Is Not Only What You Know is a culmination of these years of simply growing and becoming the incredible band they are.
Check it out here!