Wednesday, April 24, 2019

The Big News

Nerve Salad is proud to announce our first release!!!

Strippers In Love - I Am What I'm Becoming

This album has been in the player since it came out. It literally blew my mind. So creative, so otherworldly, so DIFFERENT than any other "stoner rock" band out there. A carefully-crafted album, full of nuance and shining moments of genius. Driving home, straight path, sunset at your back, this album playing in the car stereo... need I say more?

I needed to hold this album in my hands as much as it held me in its.

It was only released in a digital format. I found it on Bandcamp.. just sitting there. At NYP, of all things.  I was shocked to find such good music just hanging around casually like that. I waited for labels to bite on it. Such an album deserves a physical release, right? That's all I could think of.. 2016 rolled by. 2017 came and went. 2018 was a blur. All the while, this band could not leave my consciousness. It was fully ingrained in my everyday thoughts by then. I just couldn't fathom why some record label never bothered with this completely amazing album. Was it too "out there"? Was it simply not psych-y enough for the psych labels? Not smoky enough for the stoner rock labels? Not heavy enough for the heavy hitters? Not alt-y enough for the indie labels? I mean.. what gives? I've thought it about it simply too much. 

I'll never understand why labels let this one slip past them. It will forever haunt me if this never gets released on vinyl someday. 

So here it is, Nerve Salad will officially release this album this year. Everything is just about done, and we've never been so excited. The fans of the band wanted SOMETHING... anything... so here's something:

This will be released on LIMITED EDITION digipak CD (with a few surprises), and EXTREMELY LIMITED  cassette. It will feature all new (very beautiful, I might add) artwork, new cover, a wonderfully-done booklet with photos and lyrics, and new liner notes by the band. Let's get this going so we can ultimately, hopefully get this well-deserving band some killer wax someday.

It was time to take action.

This is a very special release, for sure. Keep your eyes peeled for more news. There may be a few more tidbits and additions in the near future.

This is happening, and we couldn't be happier. 

Monday, April 22, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - April 22nd, 2019

It's STILL a wild time here at Nerve Salad Central. Lots of music coming in, lots of new stuff in the works. Looking to wrap up this month in a big way.

Nerve Salad has a couple of releases in the works. In light of all these bands that we come across that have no physical release, the end goal is to produce something that we can hold in our hands, be it a CD, a cassette, or vinyl. The first CD release will be a doozy, and I'm still keeping the lid on it.. just for now... keep checking back. It's going to be a crazy year, I can feel it.
So... welcome to the first post regarding Nerve Salad Records! In the coming months, I'll have more to offer as far as what's next. Glad to have everybody stick around for the big reveal.
In the meantime, the opportunity to Blitz out is upon you. I'm doubting there is anything in here that will not astound.

Bandcamp Blitz:

Shana Cleveland - Night Of The Worm Moon
(I can't even begin to describe this. I won't even try. It's absolutely astounding. Everything about this screams that one moment where the stars look unnaturally close. Hymns to the veil of night sky, all sassy and otherworldly. Little pockets of spiraling galaxies, illuminated from behind by an open fridge with nothing but a can of coconut LaCroix inside.)

Velcro Lewis Group - Sweet Heat Black Water
(Raucous, indefatigable, perspicacious, and funked-out psych. Love this band. This is a splendid album, the likes of which we have been all in a clamor for. Fine, fine form, gents! Fine form, indeed.)

The Revenants - Happy Ending
(Eliot Wilder is amazing. I'm likely going to proclaim him as my favorite artist. The musical output is beyond my comprehension. The Revenants just excel at being worthy.)

Gretchen's Wheel - Moth To Lamplight: A Tribute To Nada Surf 
(Alt-pop stylings of Gretchen's Wheel takes on the influential Nada Surf with a bunch of carefully-selected covers. Limited lathe cut vinyl, limited CD pressings, all good. Scoop ya one up.)

Ian Blurton - Space Is Forever 7"
(C'mon now... if you dislike this, you're just a curmudgeon. This is fine hard poppy psych rock, with a little twist of  '80s weight-lifter AOR. Public Animal's Ian Blurton kicking out the mega-jams. Two super stadium-worthy blasters for your Springtime capers.)

Flesh Of The Stars - Anhilla
(Unreal, astoundingly creative, subtly alt-y, heavy post-doom from Chicagoland. A truly great band, and one I regret not finding sooner. Every track is a Brobdingnagian onslaught on the senses, equal in heaviness and panoramic beauty. Awesomeness.)

No Man's Valley - Outside The Dream
(Quite stunning psych rock with a little touch o' eyeliner. I'm hearing some talk of Morrison and Nick Cave influences in the vox, but I'm hearing some Carl McCoy, maybe a hint of Steele in there, too. This whole album is a ballsy psych escapade into many territories, each a smooth ride in itself... don't wait on this one. It's really something.)

- andy

Friday, April 12, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - April 12th, 2019

The Bandcamp Blitz is about to wreak havoc in your headphones.. I mentioned the vast amount of music coming out so far, and it has not slowed down. So far, the year is eating me alive with new albums.
I'm happy to report that everything is going smoothly with the current irons in the fire. Nerve Salad is moving forward ever so slowly... ever so slightly. We've been hard at work, peeking into other universes and feeling up the planetoids.They feel really neat, by the way. All smooth and hopeful.
It's freaking cold outside again. I hate it. I was hoping to be baking in the sun by now.
Anyway, keep up the good work. You got this. Don't forget to eat your veggies. Call your grandma.

Earthward - By The Pound
(Fine hard rock with a few curled upper lips, broken skate decks, headsets, cold brews, and Bic lighters. Some classy jams from Massachusetts, reminding you that your current lack of flatulence might be the cause of not drinking shitty beer.)

We've Got Muscles - Phonotron
(Wow. This is the kind of post rock that makes all other post rock bands sound like lily-livered nambie-pambies. The noise rock is strong with this one. I typically am afraid of most post rock bands, as many of you can be. Fear not, friends. This rules. They've got muscles, indeed.)

Yellow Hammer - Resist The Cure
(Another fine collection of tunes from Norway's Yellow Hammer. Touches of atypical, wispy "mountain folk", gently packed into little silver cans, and sealed with the wind, to be opened, at leisure, any time the world begins to implode, which is all the time... )

Eliot Wilder - My Heart Is A Cathedral
(I don't know what I've stumbled on, but this might be the most prolific songwriter I've ever seen. Not much info around, but if this is the product of a person named Eliot Wilder, then I'm pretty sure that this Eliot Wilder cat might be the busiest songwriter out there. REALLY good alt-country, hip hop, alt-rock, indie, noise, folk, funk.. and a bunch of other genres. Beyond astounded... This guys has more music out there than just about anybody I've come across by simple stumbling.)

SugarTape - Over Me (single)
(Fine track! Every new tune just gets better and better. SugarTape are onto something,for sure. Anxious to see what happens next. Might be something special for them in the very near future. Excellent classic rock from these young dudes. Keep your eyes and ears peeled. I've got plans for these dudes.)

Clouds Taste Satanic - Evil Eye
(The latest chapter in this band's luxurious and spine-tingling catalog of soundtracks to darkness and evil. The purchase of this band's albums is the BIGGEST no-brainer ever. Instrumental doom, played within a certain distance from fields, that will serve as the wake-up call for plagues of biting insects and rats..)

Beastwars - IV
(Ummm... fuck yeah? New Beastwars? This is beyond awesome. Sounds like they came back stronger than ever, thanks to the little sneak peak we get into the madness. You just can't keep such a savage beast down.)

Lucy In Blue - In Flight
(Keyboard-Heavy, King Floydian Nektar Heep retro prog from the Land Of Fire & Ice. Pleasing to the ears. This latest addition to their series of opuses contains enough atmospheric '70s feelies to get you through your year. The Moon Dog and the March Hare knew they were here way before they were here. This is a stunner.) 

M. Lockwood Porter - Communion In The Ashes
(A tasty little Americana/alt-country album. Highly recommended if you like things like Tom Petty, Wilco, Jayhawks, etc. Really classy. Has had many spins over here at NSC, and has yet to wear out its ebullient welcome.)

Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - April 2nd, 2019

I know this will be a big month. I can just feel it. So far, 2019 has been a whirlwind of good music. Every time I look, there's something awesome coming out. I doubt it's going to slow down at all.
Nerve Salad has been planning many new things for a while. This month is the start of a new chapter, a few new features, and getting underway on a new release. In all of this, I can foresee a lot of new reviews and...
What was that?
Did I just say "release"?
I think I did. I'm not letting any cats out of the bag yet, but there may or may not be something brewing all quiet and sneaky-like. The one thing I can tell you is this: Something awesome is trying to happen. Keep your eyes peeled.

Now, the newest feature: We'll have a guest reviewer or two from time to time. This will be super fun, and I've got a crazily eclectic cast of characters to make this even zanier. Generally, I'm putting these reviewers through some nonsense. I'm sending them albums to review that are way outside of their comfort zones. I'm finding that this tactic has been rather beneficial for both the bands and the reviewers, considering they wind up liking what I send them anyway.
Up first we have the illustrious Christopher Boudreau. One of my best buds and a true brother through this cataclysm called life. Dude and I go way back. His taste in music, the "fringe life", and the arts has always been a defining characteristic. He has a way with words, a way with birds, a way with absurds. He likes cats and plants, wearing black, long walks in the woods, good-natured rock & roll girls w/tattoos, and fine dining. Fuckin' dude's a class act. Chris will poke his head in from time to time, along with a few other kind folks who want to join in on the fun.

Red Beard Wall - The Fight Needs Us
(Coming in this side of typically structured metal, Red Beard Wall's "The Fight Needs Us All" penetrates with crushing blows and rhythmic slices. Aaron Wall's voice is clear liquid with a splash of mercury. He delivers choppy screams alongside a chant of mid-tones with near argumentation. The whole piece definitely lends credence to an original sound, carrying influences of clear origins. Quick to start and a fast finisher, the steady speed of this cut should add another sludge soundblaster to any metal fan's playlist. - Christopher Boudreau)

Crow Ballard - Electric Paradox 
(You wanna know how to make me freak out? Play shit like this for me. Just this concept alone floors me. Past releases are right up my alley: All danky and stanky Alt-Country Psych Nastiness with dollops of WTFs all over the damn place. I probably would lose my mind over this anyway, but then comes this Electric Paradox thing. Decimating riffs, fuzzy psych, noise rock, indie ka-powies with head nodding skull fuckery, pleasing to my old-ass ears. I mean... this is good, friends. Each song is a little adventure into the cosmos, playing tricks with the lights, making super weird shadow puppets while you're trying to sleep, and eating all your cookies. And perhaps only one of these songs is over the 2-minute mark. Like I said: Little adventures. Damn it, this fucking rules. I need to see this slapped onto a nice little wax platter for me to play. I need it!)

Nathan Seeckts - The Heart Of the City
(Surprise, surprise! Another slick alt-country artist from Down Unda. This place churns out the greatness by the dozens. Nathan is a visionary of sorts. He's got the singer-songwriter part down pat, and when the band jumps in, it's kinda magical. A little touch of Springsteen, a little gruffness and power in the vocal delivery kind of reminding me of one of our own songsters Til Willis. I think Til and this guy would get along famously. Blues, folk, country, Americana. Nice album. Lotsa feels.)

Astral Hand - Universe Machine (single)
(Milwaukee psych rockers Calliope transmutate into spaced-out psych rockers Astral Hand. A smooth transition. First track is a stunner, complete with a dark hook, and a driving rhythm. Great stuff. Pining away for the whole deal.)

Dommengang - No Keys
(This is a great moment. I've been looking forward to some new Dommengang since their last album made into my Best Of The Year list. Pretty psyched for this one. Fine psych/classic/groove rock from these gents. Couple of tracks to tide you over until the whole drops.)

Eytan Mirsky - If Not Now... Later
(Beautiful voice, beautiful songs. Eytan's alt-country sensibilities are infectious. These are classy pop tunes, resting neatly underneath a slight twang. Each hook and melody is carefully crafted into a memorable moment. Highly diggable.)

Fun - Death Star
(Finland's noise rock battalion have returned after a couple of minutes. Death Star sees the band in fine form, with a clamor and a clatter, you'll wonder what's the matter. In standard heavy 3-piece form, they whip your ears with fuzzy bass and projectile guitar slaps. A beatdown.)

Florida Man - Tropical Depression
(All those ka-booms and ka-poweys you're likely to hear? That's the sound of my neighborhood when this album physically drops onto my player. Fine noise that happily takes a branch to your lip. Reminiscent of crusty Midwestern noise with touches of chrome-plated DC fury. It'll rip you a new facehole.)

Mort Garson - Mother Earth's Plantasia
(In 1976, unaware Moog pioneer Mort Garson (who released several more albums) plays with melodies in his bedroom and comes up with a classic album of early synthesizer soundscapes... for houseplants. Genius, really. Each song is dedicated to a particular plant that was popular at the time. What I've come to find is that this album is full of really good songs, and if my plants like them or not, it's no big deal. Sacred Bones Records re-released this sought-after and valuable LP, and the timing couldn't be better. As a plant enthusiast, this is what I needed.)

- AB