Saturday, September 8, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - September 8th, 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

The Mommyheads - Soundtrack To The World's End…/soundtrack-to-the-worlds-…
(Indie, power pop masters coming in strong with a new album, strong on the power, heavy on the pop, steadfast on the proggy alt-rock)

The Pollies - Not Here
(I've mentioned these guys before. Their previous album was a pleasant surprise for me This new album is a stellar piece of lush pop Americana and fine songwriting)

The Lees Of Memory - The Blinding White Of Nothing At All…/the-blinding-white-o…
(Likely one of the best albums I've heard in a long time.Total brilliance, and firmly in amongst my favorite albums ever. Not a single dull moment anywhere.)

High Fidelity - S/T EP…/high-fidelity-ep
(Awesome rootsy classic rock with a great convincing vocal delivery)

Reefer Masters - White Dogs
(Alt-Psych with a sheen of stonery, head-nodding riffs.)

White Swan - Touch Taste Destroy
(White Swan have established themselves as peddlers of heavy, down-trodden, plodding, lurching doom. Fantastic weighty tunes, with hefty strata of shoegazey melodies, and a '90s alt-rock veneer. I shall call this Dream Doom. )

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