Saturday, November 17, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - November 17th, 2018

It's been a huge year for music, and I keep finding new things to check out. Bands send me their links, mp3s, stuff, etc. Things have been busy at Nerve Salad Central. There is talk within the camp of possibly releasing an album. Nerve Salad began in the late '90s as a record label (under another name), and there was always intentions of continuing. We'll see. There are a few ideas floating around... you heard it here first...
 Meanwhile the music keeps coming in, and the awesomeness keeps happening. 

Today's List:

Headland - True Flowers From This Painted World…/true-flowers-…
(Gave me a Karate Kid-style sweep-the-leg... sat me right down. Beautiful, almost completely instrumental, immersive songs made for everybody, even people that just "kinda like music". Really fantastic.)

Manchino - Artificial Love EP
(This'll kick ya in the feels. You'll be blindsided by the groove. Doobie Bros. + Allman Bros make a blood pact and the brotherhood grows... I would NOT be surprised in the slightest if these guys become huge within a year.)

Facing New York - Dogtown
(Fuck yes! New Facing New York! There will be a release party at my house whether the band shows up or not.)

Straightshooter - Keep The Faith
(Strong hard rock with a Southern lather. A really striking effort from Harrogate, UK... a few surprises lurk within a four-song span)

LáGoon - L’affaire des Poisons EP…/l-affaire-des-poisons-ep
(Somebody handed instruments to a couple of skaters and said: "Make heavy music." And that's what they did.)

Frozen Planet....1969 - The Heavy Medicinal Grand Exposition…/the-heavy-medici…
(Wild psych improv. A trip. Expanding and improving from previous releases. Pretty far out.)

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