Thursday, December 13, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - December 13th, 2018

The List:

Gary Lee Conner - Unicorn Curry 
(A corybantic gallop through vast psychedelic prairies, courtesy Screaming Trees guitar alum, also of the Microdot Gnome)

Scott Hirsch - Lost Time Behind The Moon
(What can you say about an album that's practically perfect all the way through? This is some of the finest Cosmic Americana around. Multi-instrumental, finely-crafted songs with influences swooping in from every which way. A real polished gem.)

Wizard Must Die - In The Land Of The Dead Turtles
(This album broke the Holy Ballsnuts meter. AWESOME proggy stoner rock from France. A couple of songs in, and I was in for the ride. Plus, if this is about turtles, then it's even better. This needs the wax treatment, tout de suite)

leafdrinker - Settlers Of Kratom
(Stoner/psych freaks take note. These NOLA dudes are catching up quickly to the rest of the pack. Scintillating, brainwave-interrupting, Chakra-tickling psych-y stoner rock. They've got a few other recordings under their belts, so these galactic messages are set in stone. RIYL music.) 

Facing New York - Dogtown

(I just want this album to hurry up and come out on vinyl.. tomorrow = release date for the digital, at which point I will sit by the computer until the wax drops.)

Foxwarren - S/T

(Indie Folk/Alt-Country/Pop/Americana from Canada [Canuckana?] Has a real Midlake feel, and a real roosty appeal. Lush vocals and instrumentation sets this apart from many in the genre)

Eats Batteries - Disguised To Sedate The Machines
(Rollicking Drum & Bass duo, blending hefty slabs of meaty, cantankerous riffs with far out smatterings of interplanetary mooncheese psychedelia. Release soon on Forbidden Place Records)

Hot Ram - Where Light Goes To Die
(Stoner rock, stoner rock, stoner rock! Jams, riffs, spliffs, amps, sandy wheels, heaviness. You know what you're in for...)

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