Monday, October 11, 2021

Regarding Hiatus

I know we're quiet right now. If I could tell a story about the past year, it would take forever. There are still submissions being focused on, and some stuff still being planned, but the world of the internet has become like a full time job, one that I find I've been missing out on more important things while doing. Many bands have sent some really awesome submissions for review, but when it came to a few of these bands completely bugging me over and over in emails, and/or simply being rude about not getting into the list that month... I just decided to take it back for myself. I want to listen, review, and introduce people to cool new stuff, regardless of genre. I don't want to be hassled into reviewing something. It happened so much, that I took a break, let the music find me as it normally does. Nerve Salad is not dead. I'm just taking back the love for the music so I can actually find the words to express what I love about it.

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