Friday, June 1, 2018

Glanville - First Blood

New music alert:
All Wight fans will know a few of these gents. Even if you don't, it would wise to poke your head in and say hello to "The new Hard Rock sensation from Germany/UK!"
They're making music in the vein of Thin Maiden, Dio Purple, Iron Lizzy, Judas Sabbath, Black Zeppelin, & Led Priest etc. So, basically this shit rocks.
Glanville members come from various bands. These bands may or may not already be in your list of favorite bands. A band like Glanville wouldn't even be deserving of such a lowly title as "supergroup". It's more like a Mighty HyperMegaUltragroup. We've got members of Wight, Earwix, Bushfire, Landskap/Stubb/Trippy Wicked, so you know it's a real banger.
You can find some digital noise here:

Limited Vinyl and CD

Don't be silly. This is exactly what you need this Summer.

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