Saturday, June 23, 2018

Wizard - Self-Titled

In Bordeaux, France, there exists a band known as Wizard. With a name like Wizard, I thought I was getting a fuzzy stoner rock band, as expected. Little did I know, this was going to be a pleasant slap in the face.
Oftentimes, the term "Post Rock" can send a few shivers down people's spines. Many just don't like it. I have my moments where I can handle it, but then I revert back to the usual. With this in mind, I had my doubts when I first dropped by Wizard's place for a visit. Those doubts were immediately squashed within the first 30 seconds.
They have this rabid post rock flair that stands out, but there is something about the ebullience of the tunes that strikes me as everything else but that. Buoyant, kinda mathy post-prog/noise rock craziness... when good dogs go feral.
Photo by Valy D. LIVE Photo

It's like Yes meets Russian Circles in a back alley somewhere, with the ensuing brawl spreading blood and human parts everywhere. Some mad scientists from Touch And Go/AmRep bands come around and fuse all the blood and pieces back together, and this is what we get. It's high-energy radness.
... and they just put it out on vinyl
Every single track on the LP has its own personality, but each track is as wildly peppy as the last one. The folks playing these tunes are VERY skilled, and I am pretty impressed with this Chris Squire-eqsue bass playing, Duane Denison-on-hyper mode guitar playing, and tappety-tappety busybody drumming.
It's good. It's really good. Give up your illusions of "math rock", "post rock", "prog rock", and "noise rock", and you shall be rewarded.

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