Monday, October 29, 2018

Bandcamp Blitz - Monday October 29th, 2018

Today's Bandcamp Blitz:

Sullest - Fashionable Male…/fashionable-male
(Gut-punching hardcore with a crusty dollop of noise rock caked on. W/mems of Bloodpheasant, which is to my liking)

Empty Palace - The Serpent Between The Stars…/the-serpent-between-the-…
(Blistering prog rock! If saying they are almost better than Uriah Heep is blasphemy, then I'm a filthy heathen)

Wet Cactus - Dust, Hunger, & Gloom
(Traditional Stoner Rock with a little Desert Rock vibe mixed in with the jams... good for casual listening.)

Chesty Vulva - Subjects
(Here's a big one. This might be in my favorite albums of the year. I've listened to this more times this week alone than any of these albums in a month. Fantastic, manic electro-pop, grappling onto some fuzzy psych, Residents-esque peculiarities, genre-hopping '80s pop, whacked-out balderdash. It's absurd and brilliant all at once.)

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