Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Bandcamp Blitz - January 16th, 2019

The List:

The Tunnel - The Blood EP
(Here it is... the new Tunnel EP! Killer deathrock with unrelenting noise rock punishment. 3 songs made to flay you in twain. Take your beatings now.)

 Vertical - Vol. 3
(Holy ballsnuts, holy ballsnuts, holy ballsnuts!! These riffs! Those vox! This groove! So good, I could scream. This album hammers it down in ways I think I must have needed right now. This does not let up for one second, and completely shreds out melodic riffs, unrelenting groove, and class. Screw your morning coffee, this will wake your ass right up.)
The Torcido Monkey Dream -Kikazaru EP 2018
(They have to be dreaming about monkeys, because this music is bananas! Literally the most jarring, yet satisfying listening experience I've had in a while. Stoner/noise/metal/groove/junk rock. Has the occasional "proggy" thing happening here and there, but this ain't no Yes album. This more in line with Bungle or some other whacky Patton project. This is bananas AND nuts with a swirl of headshots.)
Wooden Dinosaur - Working Weather
(This little gem just jumped out at me whilst simply playing around in the Bandcamp sandbox. Enthusiastic, mature, catchy, bright and uplifting Americana/folk/rock. Some soul, some fire, a bunch of groove, a touch of Gospel. Bravo!)

The Hanging Stars - Songs For Somewhere Else
(Brilliant! Exceptional Cosmic Americana with a few nods to the Paisley Underground, and 60s psych. Just the way I like it.)
 Imperial Jade - On The Rise
(Really fine classic rock! So much talent going on...  There's something special in the water in Spain. You want something influenced by Led Zep and the like, but does not sound like a ridiculously boring, weak clone? This is your band!)
This Pine Box - The Way Out
(Indie rock with lots of '70s classic rock peppered in for good measure. If this band keeps the heavier tunes going, they'll get my eternal seal of approval. Good stuff. No Bandcamp for this album [yet?], but you can find it here and there.)


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