Thursday, January 3, 2019

Best Of 2018

Here we go. I actually already hate myself for this list.

2018 was INSANE! There was more good music this past year than in most years. Albums I had waited for had come out. Albums I didn't know I was waiting for came out. Albums I didn't know I needed in my life suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The year really threw me for a loop in terms of what to expect.
I did my utmost at compiling the best of the year for me. I had the break it down into a few categories:
  • Did I listen to it in the car?
  • Did it play it during dinner?
  • Did it get played more than 9 times?
  • Did it get played on road trips?
  • Was it a part of my day at some point?
  • Did I get it on vinyl?
 This was hard. I happened upon some albums in 2018 that I did not hear in 2017. I listened to those a lot.
Many thanks to those bands in the list that got a hold of me, chatted, or whose shows I went to. It was a killer year for music, and 2019 is bound to be even better.
Without further ado, here's the list I'm already beating myself up over, in no particular order of importance other than when I thought of them:

2018 Best Of

1. Orango - Evergreens

2. Facing New York - Dogtown

3. Manchino - Artificial Love EP 

4. Chesty Vulva - Subjects

5. Saint Jude - Six

6. Rectangle Shades - Mystical Numbers

7. Crypt Trip - Rootstock

8. Rope - Come Closer Now

9. The Sheepdogs - Changing Colours

10. Kai Danzberg - Pop-Up Radio

11. The Boxcar Suite - Further In And Farther Out

12. Glanville - First Blood EP

13. Crazy Bull - The Past Is Today

14. Dommengang - Love Jail

15. Under - Stop Being Naive

16. Church Of The Cosmic Skull - Science Fiction

17. Earthless - Black Heaven

18. Last Of The Easy Riders - Unto The Earth

19. Mt. Mountain - Golden Rise

20. Leif De Leeuw Band - Live In Concert

(Honorable Mentions + Last Minute Additions)

Manthra Dei - Bipolar Bears
Turtle Skull - self-titled
Calliope - Chapel Perilous
Hippo Campus - Bambi
The Soulbreaker Company - Sewed With Light
Sarah Shook & The Disarmers - Years
Scott Hirsch - Lost Time Behind The Moon
Lord Vapour - Semuta
Wizard Must Die - In The Land Of Dead Turtles
Gloria - Hey Gyp EP
Moves - Moves
RF Shannon - Trickster Blues
The Clouds Will Clear - Recollection Of What Never Was
Jeff Tweedy - Warm
Chelsea Lovitt & The Boys - You Had Your Cake, So Lie In It

There... I did it. I'm done. These are the albums I listened to a bunch this past year. Now let's see what 2019 has for us...

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